Monday, April 2, 2012

Ugandan's on mission to Tanzania!

Hi Everyone,

This week we have a group of about 30 Ugandans from our various universities going to Dodoma, Tanzania for a missions trip. They leave today and return next week. This is exciting as part of our vision in coming to Uganda was to see Uganda become a sending ground of missionaries to the rest of Africa. We as a family did not go, but Nick and Trevor, our fellow Canadians have gone.

Here is an update from Nick:

The University of Dodoma is a fairly new university with a possible potential enrolment of 60,000 students - making it the largest university in the Southeast Africa region.  As a result, Life Ministry Tanzania has arranged this mission which will include ~250 Life Ministry students and staff from many of the nearby countries (Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, etc.) coming to the University of Dodoma with the Good News of Jesus Christ!
Tanzania, itself, is on the frontlines of the battle between Muslim-Africa and Christian-Africa - with Dodoma being an area and a university with a predominantly Muslim population.  Imagine, if the university students of Tanzania gave their lives to Christ while they were students, only to grow and become Christ-following leaders of countries, corporations, teachers, lawyers, etc. in the near future.  Southeast Africa is the starting point for an all-African Christian revival - and it starts with movements like this! 
We are going to do evangelism and some basic follow-up/discipleship with the students of the University of Dodoma.  There will also be some training for everyone involved. 
Fuel for your Prayers:
- Safety in our travels
- That God would be working in the hearts and minds of the students of the University of Dodoma
- That there would be a great harvest and movement started at the University that will have a great impact on Tanzania, Africa, and the world
- That God would also be working in us to grow us in our faith and our walk with Him
Join with us in prayer and excitement for this Ugandan mission team!

Jamie & Vanessa

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