Tuesday, May 1, 2012

the beautiful busy

It began last November. 
The planning for the student summer project has been in the works for months. Kelley {staff in Waterloo, Ontario} and Jamie began hashing out details and plans, putting together a staff team and sorting out details.
And now it's here!
Last Wednesday night Kelley arrived, followed by the rest of the staff {Hannah, Angela, John, Johnny & Bim} on Saturday night.
It's been a full house here with the three female staff staying in our guest room and the three male staff staying at the guest house right around the corner from us. We've already had some great times to laugh and plan and acquaint ourselves with each other. 

some of the staff in our dining room enjoying some lunch together

Tonight {at 11:20pm Kampala time}, 12 students from across Canada arrive at Entebbe airport {just under an hour outside of Kampala}. They will likely be exhausted but excited and we hope to welcome them in a way that helps them transition a bit more easily to this very different country and culture than they are used to.

Would you pray with us?
- pray that everyone would arrive safely with all their luggage and personal belongings
- pray that the students would have favour with all inspection and customs personnel
- pray for safety for our staff on the roads both to and from the airport tonight
- pray for all {previously arranged} housing details at the guesthouse to fall into place and that everyone would have a bed to sleep in tonight

Thank you for walking alongside us and our team - especially over these next 6 weeks of intense ministry!
Stay tuned for more updates and urgent prayer requests!


  1. Yes, I'm already praying for those things! Our God is able to do more than we can ask or even imagine - I love that part!!

  2. So great to see Kelley sitting at your dining room table...amazing to think of two of my fav girlfriends together. Enjoy serving together.


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