Friday, March 27, 2009

Please continue to pray for us as we finish off this semester, prepare for Waterloo Project and get ready for baby number 2 this summer!

Stories from the Grads of '09 (Matt's story)

Jamie’s been working with Matt for a few years now and has seen him grow from a first year to this year’s key student leader of Campus for Christ. Matt had this to say when asked about his involvement with Campus for Christ:

Over my past four years of involvement with C4C I have been convicted, challenged and equipped to actively be part of fulfilling the Great Commission for the rest of my life; the stakes have been set for me. I have also been built into by the staff and peers that I have met through C4C, gaining a solid biblical foundation for my life. Going to Scotland on project stretched me to share boldly with others. My leadership abilities have also grown through leading discipleship groups, prayer and being on the Servant team the past two years.

My fiancée Nicky and I plan on joining staff with C4C and I see this as a great opportunity to be part of fulfilling the Great Commission and the strategic nature of reaching the university. My heart for the church has continued to grow throughout my university career and I desire to see the Canadian church be intentional about reaching our country and world. God has also been growing my heart for families and particularly the marriage relationship more recently.

I would like to thank you for being a part of Jamie and Vanessa's support team. Without dedicated staff members like them, it would be much more difficult for the students here at the U of G to do ministry on our campus.”

Please be in prayer for Matt & Nicky as they finish the school year and prepare for their wedding and the rest of their lives together in ministry.

Stories from the Grads of '09 (Emily's story)

When Vanessa first started working with Campus for Christ at Guelph she met Emily, a first year student with spunk and immediately took to her. Vanessa was able to personally disciple Emily for 2 years before moving off campus to take on the role of full-time wife and mother. Three and a half years later, Emily is graduating. When asked about her involvement with Campus for Christ she was full of stories of how God has used C4C in her life. Here is just a bit of what she had to say:

“When I came to university I had no idea the journey God wanted to take me on during the 4 years to follow.

The most life-changing lesson I learned through Campus for Christ was that the Christian life wasn’t meant to be lived on my own strength, but through the power of the Holy Spirit working through me.

Without Campus for Christ and the staff and students who poured their lives into me during my past four years at university I would still be the way I was before- trying to live the Christian life on my own and experiencing frustration and failure instead of the peace and joy God intends for us.”

Emily has gone on several missions trips with C4C and is pursuing full-time ministry after she graduates this coming April. Pray for Emily as she transitions into post-education life and ministry.