Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's Up With The Strickland's?

With a busy Christmas season come and gone and spring just around the corner (hey, we can dream, can’t we?) we are already thinking and planning for what’s to come during May and June. That is, summer projects with Campus for Christ! This year we will be keeping things a little more local and joining the Waterloo Project (or LooP ‘09) and “moving” to Waterloo for May & June. We are excited about this project so stay tuned for more details!

In other news, we are excited to announce that another Baby Strickland is on the way! We are thrilled for another addition to our little family and anticipate his/her arrival at the end of July. Please pray for us as we begin to prepare for this baby and for health for Vanessa and baby.

Soul Cravings

You were made to GROW, to dream, to achieve. Your soul is letting you know you come from God and your life is intended to be God-sized and God-inspired.
- Erwin McManus, Soul Cravings

On January 27th Campus for Christ hosted author Erwin McManus to talk to hundreds of students about Soul Cravings—or the idea that our souls crave three basic things that can only really be found in God: intimacy, destiny and meaning. From the turnout of so many students (and people from the community) it seemed as if his words were hitting home for many people.
A student in our ministry, Nick shares what happened when he followed up with a typical Guelph student:

"After being raised going to church, he drifted as he got older and developed his life without a focus on God. However, he claims he is comfortable with his current position.
His question essentially is why would someone content with their life need to accept Jesus? What do you tell the people who claim to be happy and successful but don’t know Jesus?"

Please pray for the many students who don’t know Jesus. Pray that they would realize there is a God who loves and wants to know them. Pray that we would connect with students who are searching for more in life; those who want to know Jesus.

The Encounter

Winter Conference 2009: The Encounter

500 students from across Eastern Canada came to encounter the true and living Jesus Christ, the only hope for our world and the sole means of our salvation. For one week of training students were built up in evangelism and discipleship, pumped to reach to their campuses for Christ in the New Year!

During one main session, students were challenged to be willing to say “Lord, here I am, send me.” 2/3 of the students stood to acknowledge that they would lay down their lives and go the ends of the earth to see the Great Commission fulfilled! Praise God for students encountering Jesus, heightening their compassion for people, and never being the same.

Students starting up an impromptu worship session downstairs outside our main meeting room.

A group of students (led my U of G's Sam Foster) on the TTC subway for the Day of Outreach.