Wednesday, January 22, 2014

a day in the life

While we were in Uganda, we had some coworkers come and make a video of a day in the life of a STINTer in Uganda. If you wanted a better idea of what our two years in Uganda looked like, check out this video!

This is STINT: Day In the Life from Power to Change - Students on Vimeo.

testimonies from Fanshawe College {Totolie}

Last week Jamie went to Fanshawe College to help start up a Power to Change student ministry with a few other staff members. They saw so many encouraging things and met so many students who were interested in joining together to help change their campus and the world that it was very clear God had gone before them and prepared the soil.
Three students actually came to know Christ personally during the four days they were on campus and the following blog posts will be their stories.

Totolie {written by staff member, Mandy Blackburn}

Totolie is an international student from China studying Human Resources at Fanshawe College. Interested by our booth, she stopped by and filled out a survey. When she read the question that asked about her interest in discovering Jesus, she looked up and said, "I know nothing about Jesus and the Bible". I quickly offered to teach her about both if she was interested, and she jumped at the opportunity. The next day we met on campus and I walked through the gospel with her, teaching her all about Jesus. She had never heard any of it before. When I told her that God loved her, she laughed. She said it was so strange to hear that. When I told her this was history and not a made up story, she was confused. As the conversation went on, she was increasingly curious, and asked some great questions. When I asked if she wanted to start a relationship with God, she said she wasn't ready yet. I asked if we could meet again the next day again, and she agreed.

The launch team and I prayed that God would help Totolie understand and believe that God loves her, and that she would begin to understand the gospel more. The next day Totolie, myself, and Becca, a Christian student at Fanshawe, walked through the Gospel again. This time, she knew she wanted to invite Jesus into her life. When I told her that it was as simple as praying, she responded by saying, "I've never prayed before." After showing her and explaining what prayer was, Totolie prayed for the first time and, in that prayer, gave her life to God!

testimonies from Fanshawe College {Jess}

Jess {written by staff member, Mandy Blackburn}

This week I have the joy of being at Fanshawe College in London with a team of people who are working to start a P2C movement on campus! We have had a ton of fun so far, and have seen the Lord lead us in really great ways! We have met some key Christian students, as well as some very spiritually interested students.

Jess, a Fitness and Health student at Fanshawe, came by the booth yesterday and filled out one of our surveys. On it she shared that she was VERY interested in discovering Jesus and the deeper meaning of her cravings. We connected last night and planned to meet today. After hearing more about her craving for power, and a bit of her spiritual background, I had the opportunity to share with her about Jesus, and starting a relationship with God.

She was so ready. She knew she wanted to begin this relationship, and even had regret in not starting it sooner (even though she didn't know how to!). I shared with her God's joy in her starting it today, and mine too!

After responding to Christ in prayer, her first words were, "I want your job!" Pray that she will grow, and maybe even join staff to help others discover Jesus in the near future! 

testimonies from Fanshawe College {Imre}

Imre {written by staff member, Dan Sherman}

I called Imre on Monday after he filled out survey.  He had expressed lots of interest in meeting someone to talk more about Jesus. We couldn't meet Tuesday, so instead we met on Wednesday. 

I found Imre to be a quite yet confident guy, studying police foundations.  He told me about his Hungarian background, how he was born in a refugee camp after his parents fled Croatia during the Bosnian war.  We walked through the magazine, and the knowing God personally book. Our conversation turned to how God uses things like suffering in our lives to make us better people. Then he shared that his dad, a devout Catholic, died this past June. Before his dad died (cancer) he was encouraging his family to get back to faith. 

As we continued to talk I discovered that Imre believed it would honour his father and help him personally if he invited Jesus into his life.  So he did!  He's really excited to get into a group of Christians and grow in his faith.  He's met some other Christian students and is looking forward to joining a Bible study soon.