Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Application for worker's permit

Greetings from Uganda!

It is nice to hear that the weather has been getting warmer in southern Ontario. For us, the temperature since we have been here has ranged from 23-30 Celsius. The only variable is whether it is rainy season or dry.

Yesterday (Mar 20), we put in our paperwork for workers permits for us in Uganda. We should have everything we need to be accepted, but things are not always that straightforward here. Currently, we are here on our 3rd tourist visa, which allows us 90 days per Visa. We got our first upon arrival in August, then you may recall we had a harder time getting the 2nd in November, and then we got our third and current visa when we re-entered Uganda from our mid-year conference in Spain. If we get our Worker's permit, it will be a lot easier to move in and out of the country. It is also valid for a year, and once you get it, it is not so challenging to get it renewed.

Please pray that our worker's permit would be approved, and approved quickly. It is possible that we may need to get something called a "special pass" which gives us another 90 days, in order for the workers permit to be processed. Our current Visa's expire May 6th. It is our desire and prayer that we get our workers permits before then, so that we are set and not having to scramble around to get a special pass, or worse, another tourist Visa.

Thanks for your partnership in prayer,

Jamie and Vanessa

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