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Jamie was in first year university at York when he got involved with (then) Campus Crusade for Christ. His life was turned upside down in 2002 on a missions trip with Campus for Christ to Tanzania, Africa where he saw radical life transformation and first-hand spiritual multiplication happen right before his eyes. It was there that he felt God's calling on his life to go into full-time ministry with Campus for Christ.
He married Vanessa in 2004 and has been serving and working alongside staff and students ever since. He currently serves as the Global Impact Strategies Associate Director and the Southern Ontario Catalytic Campuses Coach.

Vanessa heard about Power to Change through Jamie and his involvement. It wasn't until she had been married to Jamie for a few months that she discerned God's call on her life to join staff with Power to Change as well. In May 2005 she joined staff and went on her first missions trip back to Tanzania, Africa with Jamie. They raised support together and were on the Guelph campus in the spring of 2006.
Vanessa went on maternity leave in 2007 after the birth of their first son, Noah. In July 2009, they had their second son, Jude and since living in Uganda, they've had Blaise (2012). Vanessa is currently focusing on raising the boys and running our home.

Noah is a lively 6 year old who loves the outdoors, dinosaurs and all things sweet (just like his mother). He's learning to read, loving school and wishing his parents would let him get a dog.

Jude is our feisty 4 year old who keeps us all on our toes and has clearly laid out his role in the family as the "ham" and is a master of accents. He definitely keeps up with his older brother and can hold his own in a wrestling match as well as training Blaise to be the next bruiser in the Strickland clan.

Blaise is our little Ugandan-born baby! He's our most outgoing and social child and can make friends with just about anybody he sees.

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