Sunday, June 16, 2013

there....and back again

{Lord of the Rings reference anyone...?}

Anyway, we have 3 days until we pack up the Life Ministry bus with our belongings and drive to the airport after two years of living here!

We have mixed emotions about this but as things have been winding down, we're mostly feeling quite excited to see our friends and family - some that we haven't seen in two years!

With all that's going on, could you please remember us in your prayers? Specifically for:

1. Health
Noah woke up this morning with a headache and the minutes later started throwing up. Jamie had some sort of stomach flu on Wednesday as well although that's passed. Could you please pray that Noah feels better {and that it's nothing serious like malaria} and that the rest of us remain healthy for the duration of our time here?

2. Our flights
We fly out of Entebbe, Uganda on Wednesday June 19th and 9:20am. We'll be spending a night in London, England and then flying to Toronto on the 20th. Would you pray that we get good seats for our family on the flights, that all our luggage makes it through and that all travel details go smoothly? Also pray that the boys {specifically Blaise who is currently teething} do well on the flights and that Jamie and I have patience and grace and strength to manage all of them?

3. Transition
We know that people have expectations for us upon arrival or within the first couple weeks and months. Could you pray for wisdom for us as we navigate reverse culture-shock, adjusting to a different time zone all the while spending time with others? Especially for an awareness of how each of our boys is handling the change and wisdom to know how to best help them journey through this transition.

Thank you so much! We're looking forward to spending time with you and sharing about how our time in Uganda was.
If you're in the Toronto area, on our first Sunday back {June 23rd} we'll be attending the 9am Rexdale Alliance Church service if you want to come by and say hi!

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  1. ok, i got teary just when i read the first paragraph (i was fine after that though). i could only imagine what that will feel like for you... excited to have you home, no question.. but also will miss hearing about your lives in Uganda on a regular basis.


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