Friday, April 20, 2012

A full day with the most influential students in Uganda!

Tomorrow (Saturday), we are doing a full day of training at Makerere University for the Student Guild (Student Union leaders), including the Student Union President. The training will be focused on how to be a leader of integrity.

This is an amazing opportunity for us to build credibility and relationships with the most influential students on the most influential school in the country. I am sure that future Ugandan MP's, teachers, journalists and business leaders will be in attendance. This teaching on being a leader of integrity could help transform this nation!

It is amazing that we will have them for a full day tomorrow! 20 years from now when they are in their professions, there will be no chance to get a full day with them to teach them in being a leader of integrity!

Please pray:

  • that all 60 students expected will show up
  • that we would be able to form relationships that would allow us to clearly share the gospel with them at a later time.
  • that all our speakers would speak well, so that our credibility is built for future opportunities.
Thanks for joining with us as we influence the future leaders of Uganda!

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