Thursday, April 19, 2012

Canadians invade Uganda (with the gospel)

We are excited to share with you that from May 1 - June 11, we will have a group of 12 students and 6 Power to Change Staff members coming to Uganda from Canada on a missions trip! These Canadians will join our work on two campuses, and give us some much needed help in bringing the love of Christ to Ugandan students.

In addition to campus ministry, we will be doing some ministry in smaller towns and villages. One exciting aspect will be doing some activities at a boarding school in Gulu. This school is set up for children that were affected by the war. As you have probably seen from the Kony2012 campaign, the Lord's Resistance Army led by Joseph Kony ravaged Northern Uganda and Gulu in particular. Many of these children have been orphaned as a result. We will also interact with former child soldiers, who never got to go to school and are now 18 year olds in the equivalent of Grade 3. We will be sharing the love of Christ with this children through fun games and activities, and showing the Jesus Film in their local language.

Our goal in this trip is to accelerate what God is already doing in and through our team with Life Ministry. It would be silly to engage in activities that cannot be sustained after the Canadian students leave, so we are working hard to ensure that whatever we do during this mission can be followed up by us who will remain, or local churches that we partner with.

As we are preparing to receive this team, please pray that:

  • we would be able to make all the necessary practical arrangements (pick up from airport, accommodations, permissions from campuses, etc)
  • Canadian students would be able to raise all their needed funds (each student coming is required to raise $4900 CAD). 
  • God would provide the extra $2500 CAD that we need as a family to participate in this mission. (click here to donate online)
  • Many Ugandan students would hear and respond to the gospel, and would be integrated into our movement on campus, as well as a good local church
  • we would be a blessing to those in Gulu affected by the war.
Thanks for partnering with us!

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