Monday, August 22, 2011

alive and well

we are here!
thank you for praying.
we spent a week in Chicago and I(Vanessa) personally was encouraged by spending some time with other moms going on STINT for a year or two.
we survived our long journey from Chicago to London, England; spent 10 hours in Heathrow airport and then another long overnight flight to Entebbe, Uganda.
all our luggage arrived and in one piece.
so thankful!
we arrived at our house and were greeted by other staff and local missionaries and were happy to see that we had beds and a dining room table and chairs (which I am sitting at currently).
our first night was a bit rough - the boys were up off and on between 11pm and 4am but then we all slept solidly until 12:30pm!
we ran a few errands today and got set up with phones and internet (the important things!) and tomorrow we hope to buy some couches as well as a fridge and oven/stove.
it's 10:41pm and our boys are still talking away in their beds.
hopefully we adjust to the time in the next few days.
we are so thankful for your prayers, keep them coming!

the view from our front yard. 

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  1. Glad you arrived Safely!! Have a good time in Uganda I will be praying for you!!


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