Thursday, March 8, 2012

Report from Bugema University Trip

On Feb 25, I travelled wit Nick and Trevor, our two Canadian teammates to a University 30 kms north of Kampala called Bugema. Bugema University is an interesting school as it is a private university run by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Due to this fact, activities by evangelical groups are not allowed. While most campuses in Uganda have an Anglican chapel on the grounds, this campus does not. In order to still have a presence on the student body, the Anglican church has built a chapel just off university grounds so that students can still attend an evangelical church.

A small Life ministry group had been started on this campus, and they have been requesting that we visit them to do some training for them. There is so much need for training in the basics of the Christian faith in Uganda, and so it took us a while to be able to make time to visit that campus. There are about 15 Universities with small Life Ministry groups that want us to visit them.

On this Saturday we had for seminars. They were:

  •        Life Ministry Vision
  •        How to share the gospel
  •        How to grow in your relationship with God
  •        How to life a Spirit-filled Life

I was so encouraged by the students desire to grow. In Canada, if we had offered a training day with these topics, you would have to offer the students coffee and muffins in the morning, a free pizza lunch, etc in order to get a good group out. We tauht a group of about 25 and they really want us to come back.

Please pray for this small group of 25:

  •          as they face the challenges of following Christ on a campus that is not open to gospel teaching
  •          as they seek to share their faith with their friends
  •          as they seek to reach out to the community outside of campus in Bugema.
  •         That God would bless the small Anglican church that is located strategically just off campus

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