Wednesday, January 22, 2014

testimonies from Fanshawe College {Imre}

Imre {written by staff member, Dan Sherman}

I called Imre on Monday after he filled out survey.  He had expressed lots of interest in meeting someone to talk more about Jesus. We couldn't meet Tuesday, so instead we met on Wednesday. 

I found Imre to be a quite yet confident guy, studying police foundations.  He told me about his Hungarian background, how he was born in a refugee camp after his parents fled Croatia during the Bosnian war.  We walked through the magazine, and the knowing God personally book. Our conversation turned to how God uses things like suffering in our lives to make us better people. Then he shared that his dad, a devout Catholic, died this past June. Before his dad died (cancer) he was encouraging his family to get back to faith. 

As we continued to talk I discovered that Imre believed it would honour his father and help him personally if he invited Jesus into his life.  So he did!  He's really excited to get into a group of Christians and grow in his faith.  He's met some other Christian students and is looking forward to joining a Bible study soon.

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