Wednesday, January 22, 2014

testimonies from Fanshawe College {Jess}

Jess {written by staff member, Mandy Blackburn}

This week I have the joy of being at Fanshawe College in London with a team of people who are working to start a P2C movement on campus! We have had a ton of fun so far, and have seen the Lord lead us in really great ways! We have met some key Christian students, as well as some very spiritually interested students.

Jess, a Fitness and Health student at Fanshawe, came by the booth yesterday and filled out one of our surveys. On it she shared that she was VERY interested in discovering Jesus and the deeper meaning of her cravings. We connected last night and planned to meet today. After hearing more about her craving for power, and a bit of her spiritual background, I had the opportunity to share with her about Jesus, and starting a relationship with God.

She was so ready. She knew she wanted to begin this relationship, and even had regret in not starting it sooner (even though she didn't know how to!). I shared with her God's joy in her starting it today, and mine too!

After responding to Christ in prayer, her first words were, "I want your job!" Pray that she will grow, and maybe even join staff to help others discover Jesus in the near future! 

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