Thursday, May 3, 2012

Project starts with a bang

Yesterday we started our project! Out students arrived at 11:20 pm on Tuesday night and were at their guesthouse after 1am. Despite this we started our orientation at 10am this morning, knowing that if they sleep too much today, they will delay getting over the jetlag.

Yesterday morning, just as we were about to start, there was a significant car accident right outside the guesthouse where we are staying. It was loud and shocking. The one who cause the accident then drove off, with some people chasing him. Someone was significantly injured, and I have not yet heard how he is doing. I don’t think it was fatal, but the mans leg was significantly broken.

Vehicle accidents happen all over the world, but the fact that this one happened on the first morning that the students are here, RIGHT OUTSIDE the guesthouse leads me to believe that this was not an “accident”, but something caused by the enemy. Our students here are young and in a new culture, and something like this can through them off from their focus on the mission for which they were sent.

Please pray for us as we begin our orientation that students would not become scared or nervous about being here. God has them here for a purpose, and Satan desires to thwart it. Please also pray for our safety on the roads. We want to be able to focus on reaching Ugandans with the gospel, not spending time in the hospital! We will take from the Lord whatever he gives us, but we desire to spread his love across this nation!

Thanks for partnering with us in prayer. You are an equal member of this mission! John Piper says, “when it comes to missions there are 3 types of people. Zealous goers, zealous senders, and disobedient”.  As you give to our ministry and pray for us, you are those very senders!

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