Monday, September 5, 2011

2 weeks in...

We've been in Uganda for 2 weeks (and a day) and life is speeding by!
Our house is beginning to feel like a home and we are slowly settling in.
Our two teammates (Nick & Trevor) are still living with us in the spare room as the tenants in the "little house" have not yet moved out. We're thinking that will happen sometime this week.
Makerere University professors are on strike so Jamie, Nick & Trevor have not yet begun any ministry on campus.
We all attended last week's prayer meeting at the Life Ministry (that is what Campus for Christ is called here in Uganda and in much of South East Africa) although I was kept busy with the boys instead of praying. 'Tis life as a Mom to two young boys.
Jamie, Nick & Trevor are all currently at the prayer meeting this morning and I am home with the boys, working on crafts, playing, doing a bit of baking and tidying up (so we keep the ants at bay!).
We are thankful for hot showers (currently just the spare room bathroom has a hot water heater) and power (at this point our power goes off every other night) and a gas stove that works whether we have power or not.
We have found a church we really like and plan on attending there regularly.
We are still getting the hang of things here but appreciate your prayers and emails as they are no doubt, the reason we are making our way through this transition.

Please pray for the strike at Makerere to end soon so the guys can get on campus soon.
Please pray for a trustworthy and reliable house girl to help around the house here. We have not found one yet although are considering one girl and have another option if necessary.
Please pray for us as we continue to transition. We are settling in and finding joy in the every day but of course we miss the familiarity of life in Canada.

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