Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Great start to our work on campus!

Today was my first day on campus to do front line ministry. As you are aware, Makerere University, the campus we came to Uganda to work on, is on strike. So for this week we are taking part in a "Mission Week" at Makerere University Business School (MUBS).

We got on campus at around 9am, and there were about 6 Christian students that came out to join us to share the gospel on campus. In Uganda, it is okay to go door-to-door in residence halls to talk to students about God. I was partnered with a male first year Christian student named Blessed. After sharing the gospel in two rooms, we knocked on another door and were invited in by a student named Shem. After entering, we saw that Shem's roommate was also home, as he just came out of the bathroom to see myself and Blessed sitting in his room. We introduced ourselves, and Blessed started to engage in conversation with them. Blessed began to share the gospel, and then he gave me a look that told me, "Hey, can you take it from here?". So I took over the conversation, and finished sharing the gospel. Shem told me that he thought it was a good idea, but that he could not commit right now. Mike, on the other hand, was really thinking about what we had shared. He was staring at the booklet of the "Four Spiritual Laws", and really thinking about what this would mean. I could tell he really wanted to invite Christ in his life, but he was also seemingly counting the cost inside of his head. He did not start to cry, but his eyes were looking as if he was tearing up. At that point, Blessed jumped back in the conversation and invited him to read through a suggested prayer, to see if it expressed the desire of his heart. After reading through the prayer, Mike said that he wanted to give his life to Christ! Following this we took his contact info, and provided him with a few suggestions about how to begin his new life in Christ!

What an exciting way to begin ministry here in Uganda! Please pray for Mike, that the seed that has been planted would be in good soil, and that he would grow into a strong disciple of Christ.
Please also pray for the rest of our week, as we bring the gospel to more students at MUBS.


  1. That's awesome Jamie! Will continue to follow your blog!


  2. Woooo hooooo!! what a faith booster! and good partnering too!


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