Friday, October 3, 2008

Nicky's Story

Here is what 4th year Guelph student, Nicky had to say about her final Summit:

Being in my 4th and final year, I'm going through a lot of 'last' experiences, and this past weekend was my last Summit as a student, and perhaps the most powerful. Looking back on it in years to come, I know that what I will remember about this Summit is the impact that the main sessions had on me. The key note speakers really hit home in speaking about idolatry in our lives and how destructive and disobedient it is in our relationship with Christ. Moreso than the message itself, I was compelled by the utter transparency that Eric and Allan spoke with; they didn't pretend to be perfect or have it all figured out, they simply shared with us the reality and danger of this sin, how they're struggling with it, and what the Bible says about it. This has compelled me to be a more transparent leader. In my leading of a 3rd year female leaders DG this year, I have little to work on in the area of creating community and unity because the girls already love each other and have been through a lot together, but the Lord has challenged me to lead them deeper, more vulnerable and 'messy' with each other, and that is going to require me going there first. Eric and Allan's transparency in their talks has given me a great example by which to do this. Through this the Lord is teaching me that he's not looking for perfect people to lead, he just wants surrendered and honest souls willing to admit their struggles and show others the work Christ is doing in that area. Praise the Lord that he redeems!

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