Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stats and stories

For those of you who enjoy stats, I have a few details about our Summit weekend and the following week. Out of the 326 students who attended our Summit, 96 of these were first year students! Be in prayer for these 96 first years, that they would feel connected with God but also connected with other students in Campus for Christ and that these next 4 years would be years of huge growth for them in their walks with God.

Also, the week that follows Summit is traditionally a week of evangelism. Students sign up for different time slots and go out onto campus and strike up conversations with students that happen to be sitting around in hopes that they will have an opportunity to share the gospel with them
. At the University of Guelph, there were 53 groups of 2 (we usually go out in pairs - not too big, not too small) that went out during the week and 3 people came to know Christ in a personal way!

As soon as I get the details of these new brothers and sisters, I will post the stories.

Stay tuned for the exciting details!

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