Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition was a great experience for our family!

Jamie enjoyed the conference with some other men on staff while Vanessa and Noah stayed with some friends in Chicago about 30 minutes away from the conference.

"It was great to get to hear from so many of my favourite preachers and authors.
During a message from John Piper, I was encouraged to overcome fear and passivity by remembering that God called me to proclaim the gospel from before the foundation of the world and He that called me will also provide what I need to do so."
- Jamie

"I didn't know what to expect from the week away from Jamie with 2 other Moms (one also pregnant and due at the end of July) and 2 other little kids but it turned out to be such a refreshing week full of laughter, conversation and a lot of much needed time with other women. Noah was such a champ in the car and absolutely adored playing and interacting with the other kids. What a blessing!"
- Vanessa

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