Wednesday, September 3, 2008

O-week Update!

O-week is half over! Almost all our events are done as well!
Sunday went well. Jamie's short talk went really well - he was bold and challenging. About 40 students (and some parents!) showed up to listen and worship together. A few students came up to Jamie afterwards to get some more information (guys! We always need more guys involved at Guelph!)
Noah and I enjoyed being out with the students and he proceeded to charm any and everyone who would look his direction. It's amazing what an ice-breaker a baby can be. I was able to meet a couple girls who were actually in 2nd year and chat briefly with them.
The numerous events we had planned went generally well - there were a few problems with rooms we had booked but the Lord provided and the events (Xbox tournament) went on as planned.
The staff and students at Guelph ended up giving over 2200 Real Life Kits away to students within 2 days! I believe this is the most at any campus across Canada! Pray that God would use these 2200 Real Life Kits to bring students to Him and pray that we (staff & students) would be wise with our follow up contacts and that meaningful meetings would be happening over these next few weeks as we attempt to follow up and meet up with all those who filled in our surveys and indicated that they are interested in either more materials, meeting with someone to know more about God or getting involved in a discipleship group.
Today at Guelph we had our Discipleship Group Leaders Training all day and had about 30 C4C senior students show up to be refreshed and to learn how to best disciple and spiritually multiply through our discipleship groups as well as one on one discipleship. Pray that students would feel connected with each other and grow deeply and be challenged in their walk with God.

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